The best is #6

1. Theoretically let's suppose everything that I know about the economy, investing, money, freedom disappears and erases itself from my head. In this scenario, I would be willing not only to pay the price of our investment portfolio but to pay immediately $10,000 for this one visualization. I don't say this visualization is 100% accurate, but it gives us a broader picture of what is around us. It lets us compare asset classes included in our investment portfolio to everything else. You can see this visualization by clicking the link below.

All of the world’s money and markets in one visualization.

2. People need to be careful when they purchase physical gold and silver. Certain precious metals dealers are overcharging uninformed clients. Did you ever have gold or silver in your hands? People need to see and touch their precious metals, otherwise often they don't have it. There is a market price, and you cannot OVERPAY. Use google search engine because there is a lot of work waiting for people who never had precious metals in their hands.

3. People need to be careful when they purchase physical gold and silver. People easily can buy FAKE precious metals on eBay or in many other places. I would never buy gold on eBay because I DO NOT OVERPAY. You need to learn how to recognize GENUINE coins or bars. You can use youtube because there are videos which will explain it.

4. We always hold cryptocurrencies OFFLINE because hackers can steal it. We do not hold cryptos on exchanges. The same exchanges or governments can steal it from us. We use hardware wallets, paper wallets and hold cryptocurrencies OFFLINE.

5. Most of the people, I could say close to 100% of the people in each country don't know what's money. We want at least all of our clients to be educated. Today people can have a debit card and pay for goods and services with precious metals. You can buy food in a supermarket with gold or silver. Goldmoney.com is one of the companies which facilitate it. You can also read about gold and silver in THE HOLY BIBLE. It comes from earth and it's GOD'S money. I have good intentions and I hope I did not use the name of GOD in vain. British pound, US dollar, euro, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and other currencies are man's made currency or the government's made currency.


You take your finances and your family's finances into your own hands. How can you do it? You need to educate yourself to be able to make your own decisions. When it comes to money, most of the people think they are ready, and most of them are wrong. I know that many of our clients in the future will be able to create an investment portfolio by themselves, and will be way, way better than many of the clueless hedge funds, money managers who manage billions of dollars. I know that many of our clients will be better than their financial advisors who push them overvalued stocks or praise the bond market to get commissions and fees. You compare gold's investment performance in the last 10, 20, 50,100 years with these experts and 95% of them should be fired and do something else what is productive. I don't mean experts only in your country, but all over the world. We need to have honest money, the free market, and it would happen. The problem is that we don't have it. We beat with our investment performance close to 100% of all hedge funds, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, financial advisors and you give us more credibility when it comes to everything that we say. We deserve at least some credibility thanks to our investment performance. These hedge fund guys would say we take too much risk. I can have 100 of them in front of me, and I would tell them all, it's you who take the risk. They would argue because many of them don't understand money, gold, and silver. We point you here and tell you what you need to learn to educate yourself. It won't be an easy journey because things in life don't come easy. I learn every single day, and I never stop. OK, I'll be honest with you. Often it's not every day but at least every week. Do you want to be successful? It depends whether you want to work hard to educate yourself. Do you want to learn? Many people will need to learn for years but you never stop. I am ashamed of my lost time in a low-quality college while everything is for free on the internet. What's worse is that the college tried to brainwash and mislead me. People ask me about my education, and I am ashamed to admit I lost my valuable time in college. I tell them my school? The Austrian school of economics!

Let's start:

a) Whatever you don't understand, any word bearish, bullish, the bear market, the bull market, interest rates you go to google search engine or investopedia.com to find the meaning of it.
b) Learn the Austrian school of economics - link Austrians.
c) Learn about gold, silver, precious metals, money. Start with watching all of the episodes of "Hidden Secrets of Money." You go to this youtube channel - link Money.
d) Learn about the economy from these people. Listen to them, read their books, and watch their videos on the internet. All of them are dead, and only Peter Schiff is alive.
Murray Rothbard
Ludwig von Mises
Friedrich Hayek
Milton Friedman
Peter Schiff - link to his youtube channel. We warn you that Peter is bearish about cryptocurrencies.
e) Cryptocurrencies, Clif High - go to #7

It did not take me much time to write what you read here. Life can be easier. It's the people who often complicate it, and I made this text easy. You follow the instructions step by step. These people will lead you to other places where you can find value. You will connect all the puzzles, and will be able to make reasonable investment decisions. At some time in the future, treat it as a passion and not as a job. Many people don't like their work, and people who are not forced to do something, but do it voluntarily as a passion have different results. It will take you thousands of hours only to listen and read it. Do you want to educate yourself? Are you willing to work hard? It is your choice, your decision, and your life.

Peace, love, freedom, and the free market!

7. Cliff High is the person that I recommend about cryptocurrencies. You learn from him, listen what he says. Find as many of his youtube videos as you can. Most of the videos with him are not on his youtube channel. You need to be careful because many people edit videos and change what he says. You go to his other social media accounts such as Twitter etc.

Cliff in this video, March 04, 2017 predicts Bitcoin price will reach $13,000 in February 2018. You need to add to February's Bitcoin price all the forks. You earned it Cliff and keep up the good work!

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